1. prepared, primed, all set, set, in readiness, Latin, semper paratus, Latin, animis opibusque parati; in condition, fit, in shape, in practice, on one's toes; up to, equal to; mature, ripe, seasoned; equipped, booted and spurred, fitted out, furnished; in working order, Inf. all systems go; in the saddle, in harness, in gear; well-stocked, well-provided, armed.
2. willing, agreeable, Inf. game, content, consenting, acquiescent, concurrent, assenting; happy, eager, keen, glad, cheerful, delighted, enthusiastic; gracious, cordial, genial; inclined, disposed, given, prone, predisposed, minded, well-disposed; apt, likely.
3. prompt, punctual, speedy, hasty, quick, alac-ritous, swift, brisk; expeditious, timely.
4. dexterous, agile, deft, adroit, skillful, expert; nimble-witted, quick-witted, bright, knowing; astute, keen, penetrating, sharp, acute, piercing; attentive, alert, on the qui vive, wide-awake, expectant; perceptive, discerning, percipient, subtle; cunning, clever, shrewd, ingenious, artful; masterly, resourceful, versatile.
5. about to, on the verge of, on the brink of; tending, prone; expectant, waiting; subject, open, liable, endangered, exposed, in danger of.
6. immediately available, on hand, usable, on tap, present, available, on call; handy, accessible, at one's finger tips.
7. psyched or psyched up, excited, geared or geared for or geared up; animated, lively, energetic, alive; anxious, Inf. raring to go.
8. prepare, make ready, arrange, order, organize.
9. psych up, gear up, get up for, get in the mood for, get ready.

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